Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Way Behind!

Okay, I admit it, I'm way behind. The last few weeks have been hectic as we close out the school year at 4 different schools. Only 12 more days of school left to go. I will catch up, I promise, after I sort thru all the photos from recent happenings. I did update the family blog and the twirlers blog - have a look. and .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

March 22 - 28

Tarisa (standing) with the MVHS Dance Team competed at Dance Nationals in Anahiem on March 28.
Here they are performing their jazz routine, they took 4th place.

Ewan with Felicia and Katrina at his Uncle Corey's wedding on 3-28-09
Congratulations Corey and Becca!

Romi relaxes in the guest bedroom on the last day visiting us,she returns to Argentina on March 25th

Tweety and friends at Magic Mountain

March 23rd was grandpa's 67th birthday. We surprised him with a cake and presents. Here he is with 6 of his 10 grandkids. He recently became a great-grandpa too!
Romi loves to shop!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

March 15 - 21

Saturday, Jared went to Disney with the TMS choir for a festival and awards at Disneyland. TMS won a first place and the Esprit de Corps trophy.

Friday March 19th
Liana in action as the host of the Mr. Nighthawk contest at MVHS. Great senior year memories!

Katrina's decorating touches for her son.

Ewan's new crib, a gift from grandma and grandpa G.


Monday: Liana, Romi, Katrina, Ewan and Dad went to California Adventure Park today and had a blast!

Sunday 3-15: we had a "Birthday Party" for Romi. Not her actual birthday, but we've never been able to celebrate with her, and she's never had a birthday party.

Monday, March 23, 2009

March 8 - 14

Romi in the snow at Wrightwood.
First Daffodils to pop up for Spring.

March 8, Romi having fun bowling with Liana and her friends, Shiloh, Steven and Kiersten.

March 1-7, 2009

Romina at the Laker game.

Romina's hand (white sleeve) reaching out to high-five Kobi Bryant. March 5th.

Liana auditioned to be Emcee for Mr. Nighthawk competition later this month and just found out that she and her friend Tim, got it! Congratulations!

Jared is getting into the Argentine spirit for his cousin's visit.

Romina meeting cousin Ewan.

Cousins, March 1st, 2009. Liana, Felicia, Audra, Tarisa, Romi and Jared.

February 22-28

Feb. 28th The Nighthawks Flag Football Team have their trophy party at Bob's Pizza. This is Jared with Brennan (coach's son).

Romina (on the right) arriving in LA for her first visit to the USA.

Photo of an Ebay page from the last week of February. It's unbelievable what people will pay for something that sold out for the original price of $39!

What I'm reading now.

Katrina, Jeff and Ewan's new home.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 15 - 21

Feb 20th. Audra recieved the 4th grade student of the month award for academic excellence in all areas! Great job Audie!

Katrina, Jeff and Ewan moved to their own place last weekend. They left Ewan's books on my shelf temporarily. I got a photo before they come back for them. We miss the little guy.

Jared arranging his little city. He has played this for years, putting together found objects to create his city. He builds it in a square around himself, and while it may look like a bunch of screws, tacks, books, dice, rulers, matchbox cars and figurines to us - if you ask him he knows exactly what they represent.

Feb 16th - Happy Birthday Dad!

We put up some new art in the living room today.

Friday, February 13, 2009

February 8 -14

Monday. Jared likes to go to Karate by himself, he says it makes him nervous when we watch. So, I drop him off, read in the car for awhile, then I go in to watch the last 15 minutes of class.

On the way to school Tuesday, Audra captured this photo of a rainbow over our neighborhood.

Audra (2nd from L) and her singing valentines group at school. They performed to the Beach Boys song "Fun, Fun, Fun" and delivered almost 100 singing valentines to groups of 4-6 students in each classroom. It took most of the school day.

Friday. Still raining.

Feb 14th. Happy Valentines day to my sweetie for 28 years. Memories.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 1 - 7

Feb 1st: Superbowl Sunday. Grandpa and Ewan watching the
Steelers vs. Cardinals. Steelers won with an exciting last second touchdown.

Went for coffee and bought this mug. Couldn't resist the little tree,
and my husband tossed most of my mug collection recently, so I needed it.

Feb 3rd: Dad took Jared and Audra to the movies after school today.
They saw "Mall Cop" - very funny.

As the song goes... "It never rains in California", but when it does we love the change in weather!

Friday, February 6th: Audra & Gracyn going to the "Sock Hop" Valentines dance

January 25 - 31

Found this cute graphic, and put it on my family blog header.

Cutest dog ever!

Every afternoon in my living room the sun reflects colored spots all over.
Almost like a disco ball, but prettier.

My kitchen - thinking about repainting.

O'Henrys. New recipe, can't wait to make them.

January 18 - 24

This week Liana had a little accident in the Mustang, and Katrina turned 26, but the rest of the week was all about the Presidential Inauguration. I found some beautiful photos online, makes me want to go and visit Washington DC.
Liana had a little fender bender on the freeway. She cried.

Audra discovered our 1st lemon of the season.

Jan 20th: Katrina's 26th birthday. Jeff was 30 on Jan 16th.

The Capitol building.

The new First Family.

This is the best view I've seen that shows the massive crowd that day.

Jan 20th newspaper headline. Liana thinks this photo makes him look scary.